wine 0.9.6 segfaults-Found the problem but not the solution (was :Re: wine 0.9.5 - segmentation fault with some apps)

penna at penna at
Tue Jan 24 06:25:55 CST 2006

Hi Mike,

>>         The problem seems to be with the name of the executable: 
>> "user.exe" (sounds crazy, but it was I could realize after some tests).
> That's quite possible.  user.exe is a 16 bit part of user32.dll, and 
> Wine treats it in a special way.

In fact there are a little more with same problem: start.exe and sound.dll 

(as reported in bugs 3950, 4351 and 4311)

> You might be able to add a dll override entry in winecfg like this:
> *user.exe = native, builtin

However "winecfg" does not allow me to input free form strings (at least I 
try and could not find a way). 
It does only allow me to navigate throught the file system and choose the 
And the "Libraries" tab, in winecfg, it is only for DLL's - I guess! (Am I 
The only solution I tried is using "vi" to edit ~/.wine/user.reg but I 
think I made a mistake because wien still segfaults.
Here is the KEY I have put:

[Software\\Wine\\AppDefaults\\*user.exe\\DllOverrides]  1138094570

I have also tried a variation of it .... but it still segfaults when 
calling "wine user.exe":

[Software\\Wine\\AppDefaults]  1138094570

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