[Fwd: WineTools is in need of some major house cleaning!]

Chris Morgan chmorgan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 11:37:00 CST 2006

I'm not sure we need a counterpoint to Vitaliy.  The fact that it took
over a month to hear back from the winetools guys seems like reason
enough to pull it from the downloads page.  Winetools might be a
useful tool but we can't have wine's users depending on them if we
developers can't get ahold of them and figure out when some of these
issues mighe be addressed.  Even if these issues are addressed we
really should consider the side effects of relying on installing ms
components to get applications to run.


On 1/24/06, Juan Lang <juan_lang at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hm.  Felt I needed to offer a counterpoint to Vitaliy's rather
> enthusiastic response.
> I support winetools, though I don't use it myself.  Not only as a matter
> of principle (this is open source we're talking about, and one of the
> beauties is we don't get to constrain how it's used.)  Also because it's
> in line with the aims of the Wine project:  run Windows apps.  Wine is
> nice in that it doesn't require you to have any MS license to run Windows
> apps, but it can use MS software if you have a licensed copy.  So
> winetools offers folks with MS licenses a relatively easy way to get apps
> to run.

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