[patch] riched20 conformance test

Thomas Kho tkho at ucla.edu
Tue Jan 24 14:15:32 CST 2006

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006 11:23:40 +0900, "Mike McCormack"
<mike at codeweavers.com> said:
> If you're submitting the patch, make sure to send it to 
> wine-patches at winehq.org. as that's the only place that patches will be 
> picked up from.

Will do with this (smaller) patch!

> * You linked the test with "riched20.dll", so the following call should 
> always succeed.  Since you're trying to write a test, maybe that's what 
> you want.  If you're trying to be safe incase there's a Windows platform 
> that doesn't have RICHED20.DLL, it won't work.  Also, you probably want 
> a FreeLibrary() at the end if you have a LoadLibrary.  Perhaps you just 
> want GetModuleHandle() instead?
> +  hmoduleRichEdit = LoadLibrary("RICHED20.DLL");

It's looking like riched20.lib isn't actually getting linked because the
conformance test doesn't directly call any of its functions. [I buy the
explanation at
I kept the LoadLibrary() and added its dual.

I addressed all the other issues that you brought up (thanks!) and
stripped out several of the tests to make a smaller patch. You can find
it at

It needs an update to the configure script (`autoconf`), or the patch in
this post applied:


Tommy Kho

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