wine and jack => segfault? / wine and OSS not working

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Jan 24 15:30:42 CST 2006

> Then a ran Wine with the OSS-output driver while using a tool called
> oss2jack (makes a kernel device and re-routes all OSS connections to the
> jack daemon). Surprisingly that does NOT work, too. Although other OSS
> apps (skype, et, vlc, cedega (oss) ...) run really *very good* over
> oss2jack.
> There is one difference then: Using OSS-output driver, Wine does not
> segfault! The M$ Media Player just tells me, that it cannot access audio
> hardware.
can you post a +winmm,+oss,+wave trace ?

Eric Pouech

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