HW address w/o connection in iphlpapi

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Tue Jan 24 18:20:02 CST 2006

>> Wait. This works better than getifaddrs. It successfully returns info
>> for "down" devices on my RH8 based linux box, with my creaky old
>> wine-20050419.
> (snip)

Yikes! It turns out if_nameindex() doesn't return info for down devices,
but if_indextoname() does. It's all so touchy... So, attached is an
alternate patch using if_indextoname() that does work; my last one

Just for kicks I also attached a cpp file adapted from MSDN that can do a
quick test. To build it do:

$ wineg++ -c show-eths.cpp
$ wineg++ -o show-eths.exe.so show-eths.o
$ wine ./show-eths.exe.so

You should get a listing for eth0 whether you boot with an ethernet
connection or not. Note that to witness the problem you have to actually
reboot with no ethernet connection. Just doing "ifdown eth0" isn't enough.

> Cool, thanks for that.  Like I mention in the comments, if_nameindex has
> the disadvantage that it doesn't handle virtual interfaces.  I'll try to
> hack this up to use a combination of if_nameindex and SIOCGIFCONF if I
> can, but feel free to beat me to it ;)

I'm betting you'll get there first! %) ... mo
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