Should the AppDB make public the number of unique page views each app gets?

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Tue Jan 24 20:26:41 CST 2006

Sounds like a pretty reasonable thing to me.  Anyone interested in whipping up 
a patch to store application family/version views?  How to count the 
non-generated page views?


On Saturday 19 November 2005 4:39 pm, Scott Ritchie wrote:
> This was an idea we discussed in IRC for a short bit, and I think it
> would be good to bring it up here.
> Essentially, if the AppDB displayed the number of page views each app
> got it would go a long way towards estimating the demand for particular
> applications, whether they work or not.  It seems fair to say that
> someone looking an app up in the AppDB either wants to run it in Wine or
> wants to know if it's doable should he switch to Wine.
> Coincidentally, this also helps solve the voting problem - since votes
> for gold apps are supposed to be replaced with votes for apps that work
> should be done on, we now have a mechanism to sort the Gold list other
> than by votes.  Sorting the gold list by page views would also greatly
> help navigation from the front page of the AppDB, as it would place the
> most popular applications at the top.
> Then again, maybe there's something I've overlooked.
> Thoughts?
> -Scott Ritchie

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