Can't compile with vc7: oleauto.h(229) : error C2719: 'function-parameter': formal parameter with __declspec(align('8')) won't be aligned

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Jan 25 09:06:36 CST 2006

Dan Kegel <dank at> writes:

> A UCLA student trying to compile wine conformance tests on Windows
> ran into this:
>> [Compiling wine tests with VC7 or
>> the server 2003 sdk gets] this error when compiling.
>> ..\..\..\include\oleauto.h(229) : error C2719: 'function-parameter':
>> formal parameter with __declspec(align('8')) won't be aligned
> (See )
> Examining oleauto.h line 229, I saw the bad parameter was
> of type DOUBLE.
> I then went looking for the typedef for DOUBLE:
> ~/wine/include$ grep 'typedef.*DOUBLE' *.h
> The interesting hit was:
> wtypes.h:typedef double DECLSPEC_ALIGN(8) DOUBLE;
> The patch that introduced the change was
> I told him to try replacing DOUBLE and DATE with double
> and date in the formal parameters in oleauto.h
> for now.  Is that generally the right thing to do?

I committed a change to add a #ifdef MSVC around that typedef,
hopefully that will work for you.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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