Problems with references to drive Z: in registry's User Shell Folders

Michael Jung mjung at
Wed Jan 25 10:21:42 CST 2006

Hey Juan,

On Wednesday 25 January 2006 17:03, you wrote:
> > I'm proposing to add two more environment variables: %PERSONAL%,
> > which would be expanded to the DOS path corresponding to $HOME if
> > this exists, or to %USERPROFILE%\\My Documents if not (with "My
> > Documents" resource based, of course). And %DESKTOP%, which would
> > be expanded to DOS_PATH_OF($HOME)\\Desktop if existent and to
> > %USERPROFILE%\\Desktop, if not.
> So the environment variable expansion would be based on shell32?  Ouch.  I
> don't think that'll fly.

Just submitted a patch for the %DESKTOP% case. Could you have a look at it and 
tell me what you think? Are you afraid of name clashes?

Michael Jung
mjung at

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