Problems with references to drive Z: in registry's User Shell Folders

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Jan 25 10:36:37 CST 2006

Juan Lang <juan_lang at> writes:

> I'm of the opinion that all this fancy CSIDL_PERSONAL mapping doesn't
> belong in shell32, even though I put it there.  shell32 should default to
> creating paths that are part of the profiles directory if nothing else
> exists, since the shell won't work without them.  But creating
> Linux-environment-friendly defaults should perhaps go in wineprefixcreate.
>  I actually rather liked the idea of putting it in winecfg, and launching
> winecfg in a GUI-less mode from wineprefixcreate.  The advantage is that
> the drive mappings and shell folder creation would be in the same app, and
> so would have some hope of staying consistent.

Maybe what we should do is to always have the paths point into the c:
drive, and then play with symlinks at the Unix level to redirect
things to $HOME. This way it would keep working even if the drive
config is changed after the initial setup.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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