HW address w/o connection in iphlpapi

Michael Ost most at museresearch.com
Wed Jan 25 12:17:54 CST 2006

On Tue, 2006-01-24 at 21:44 -0800, Juan Lang wrote:
> > Right. if_nameindex does not return eth0 if I boot up without an
> > ethernet connection. Maybe this is a system dependent thing?
> > I am running on a RH8 based system.
> Or a libc thing?  I'm running on FC2.
> > The if_nameindex code looked a little nicer, but a loop on
> > if_indextoname() is  not so bad.
> Although I don't like the idea of predefined limits :)  I'll probably

Me neither, which is why I used that prominent macro
MOST_INTERFACES_IMAGINABLE. Can you even imagine a system with 50 (or
100?) ethernet interfaces? How about an application that needs more than
256K (showing my age with that one... %)? 

> submit a patch based on if_nameindex in the meantime, hopefully tomorrow

Well... that's not too thrilling since it doesn't actually fix the
problem I found. 

Maybe we need to drill down into which systems if_nameindex works and
doesn't work with and have alternate versions of enumerateInterfaces
based on that. I have a FC4 system and I'll see how it behaves and let
you know. ... mo

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