Problems with references to drive Z: in registry's User Shell Folders

Michael Jung mjung at
Thu Jan 26 14:54:24 CST 2006

On Thursday 26 January 2006 13:15, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Yes, I think shell32 should take care of making sure the directories
> exist, and creating sane defaults if they don't. Moving things to
> winecfg wouldn't prevent file dialogs from getting broken if users
> move directories around.

Please find attached what I've been working on. The patch to shellpath.c is 
trivial. It just removes the $HOME mapping magic. This means it will create 
all necessary directories in the user's profile, as it probably was before 
Juan's patches. So this should work without problems, but with the 
disadvantage that it won't map to $HOME anymore.

With the patch to winecfg, the user can select where to link 'Desktop' and 'My 
Documents' to. I don't see why things should break, as long as the user 
doesn't fiddle with registry settings.

Of course, we should probably set up symlinks to $HOME in wineprefixcreate, 
which is not implemented yet. Should not be too much work, though.

Sorry for the huge winecfg patch, but most of it is due to resource updates. 

Could this go into cvs?

Michael Jung
mjung at
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