Win32HandleToDosFileHandle / DosFileHandleToWin32Handle

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Jan 28 03:52:26 CST 2006

> I suppose one could do something in the VDM process to mark the file
> handles as having multiple references,  and then do proper open / close
> handling.  But that would require a valid JFT anyway.
yes, what's currently missing is the JFT layer... one can consider that 
the Win32HandleToDosHandle (and its friends) to handle the SFT, and 
allow to bridge between the DOS world and the Win32 world.

> So th JFT gives a way to update a reference count in the SFT.
but, you'll have to patch every possible file usage in winedos so that 
you don't mixup sft indexes and jft indexes...

> Another place where I think it'll come in handy is for redirection,
> where it'll allow for stashing an equivalent of the device info word.
> I think this'll make some of the console handling a bit better.
you mean regarding the char / block caps for example? not sure we need 
to store that in the SFT, we can get it back from the win32 handle anyway.

Eric Pouech

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