The Dogfood Challenge: use Wine to run your web browser, etc.

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Jan 29 02:27:02 CST 2006

Say, if we're expecting people to use Wine for real
work, maybe we should start doing that ourselves.

Firefox-1.5 runs pretty well on Wine.
How many Wine developers use it on Wine as their main web browser?
Maybe we could raise that number from zero to somewhere
around ten, and flush out a couple bugs.

Speaking of flushing out bugs,
OpenOffice 1.1 was said to work well under wine
a couple years ago (though I don't think I ever saw it
do so myself).  Sadly, although OpenOffice 1.1.5 seems
to install fine under current wine, it crashes quickly on
startup, so I guess we have a bit of work to do first.
The extra payoff would be being able to use to run OpenOffice's automated
test suite as an automated regression test for wine.

One complication in all this is having to teach yourself
to not automatically blow away your ~/.wine directory
when trying a new app!

OK, baby's waking up, time to go.

Wine for Windows ISVs:

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