gethostbyname call with 0 length arg

Phil Goss pagoss at
Sun Jan 29 07:46:14 CST 2006


Is it a bug in the WINE gethostbyname (WS_gethostbyname) implementation,  
where if the arg name is of string length 0, then it returns unsuccessful.

I have experience this issue with a Windows program (Onkyo Nettune) where  
the hostname passed to gethostbyname is of length 0. (This seems to be a  
bug in the program itself). However, the program works okay in native  

There seems to be a check in the gethostbyname for a NULL arg name  ...  
if(!name) ... But no check for  ... if(!strlen(name)) ....

I have tested the strlen check and it seems to work and satisfies the  
Windows program.

Does the above make sense, as I am not a programmer?
Not sure if this s bug in wine even though it implementation should be  
matching Windows native.


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