sudo vs su in wineinstall

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Sun Jan 29 23:09:55 CST 2006

I've always liked wineinstall, even made a handful of improvements to it.  
Wineinstall was useful for setting up a default configuration but now that we 
setup a default configuration automatically with wineprefixcreate it doesn't 
seem necessary anymore.  Users that compile via source should be fine with 
'./configure&&make' and 'make install' like they use to build and install 
most other programs.


On Sunday 29 January 2006 11:57 pm, Dan Kegel wrote:
> Let's simply delete the wineinstall script.
> It's not really needed anymore, it was just
> there for compatibility.
> People have been talking about doing it for some time:
> perhaps now's the time.
> - Dan
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