Wine and Font rendering

Roland Kaeser roland.kaeser at
Tue Jan 31 10:38:47 CST 2006

Hello all

I noticed a very strange font problem in Corel Draw using wine. On some
systems (all SuSE 10) rotated fonts became invisible. An other problem is
with text boxes on some systems text boxes (with floating text) are very
strange rendered (the text appears multiple times, the cursor is not at the
position where the character is printed while writing, some text is
invisible while editing)

Can somebody tell me which routines (system and wine) are responsible for
font rendering in wine. Based on that all machines have the same graphics
card and driver version, I'm pretty sure its not a driver or graphics card
related problem but on some systems, online updates are made. If I could
know about the internal work of font rendering in wine, I probably can
figure out where this problem cames from.

Many thanks

Roland Kaeser

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