Question regarding VT_INT in oleaut32

Benjamin Arai me at
Fri Jul 14 16:36:24 CDT 2006


I wrote a conformance test for oleaut32:VariantChangeType but I ran
into a snag.  The conformance test under windows does not allow the
conversion from type VT_INT to VT_I8 but it does allow for VT_I4 to
VT_I8.  I made the necessary changes to VariantChangeType so that it
conforms to windows but in doing so, it has broken several functions
that use VariantChangeType to coerce from VT_INT to VT_I8 cause 
several conformance tests to fail as a result.

Is it reasonable to fix the now failing functions in wine by
converting VT_INT to VT_I4 before coercing in the broken
functions?  This will fix the conformance tests but I want to make
sure that we can assume VT_INT is a 4 byte integer before
proceeding.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Benjamin Arai me at

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