Support SAFEARRAY(type) Syntax in MIDL

Robert Shearman rob at
Tue Jul 18 07:02:58 CDT 2006

Dan Hipschman wrote:

>diff --git a/tools/widl/widltypes.h b/tools/widl/widltypes.h
>index 508284e..ee73ba6 100644
>--- a/tools/widl/widltypes.h
>+++ b/tools/widl/widltypes.h
>@@ -205,6 +205,7 @@ struct _type_t {
>   const attr_t *attrs;
>   func_t *funcs;
>   var_t *fields;
>+  int safearray;
>   int ignore, is_const, sign;
>   int defined, written, user_types_registered;
>   int typelib_idx;

I think this should be implemented by calling reg_types in parser.y with 
a constructed SAFEARRAY type. This should allow it to be used by the NDR 
typeformat generation code too. Adding more and more fields to type_t 
isn't scalable.

Rob Shearman

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