Drive mapping of Z:

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Sun Jul 23 15:29:52 CDT 2006

On Sun, Jul 23, 2006 at 04:28:09PM +0200, schollsky at wrote:
> Dear friends and developers of WINE,
> I've been using your application now for some time, and it works quite well yet. However, I found the mapping of Drive Z: to root, which seems a bit strange to me. I've also read some of your discussion on this topic, too. Personally, I'd consider this a maybe issue of security. Nowadays Linux users don't care as much about security as server admins would do. Alas, Linux being a multi-user system by tradition should take care of "normal" home desktop users trying to migrate from proprietary realms. 
> It would help a lot if WINE would do a more secure installation by default, but this is only my 2p.
> (Maybe it's possible just to leave out the Z: mapping?)

rm ~/.wine/dosdevices/z:

You can also adjust the "wineprefixcreate" script not to create it anymore.

Ciao, Marcus

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