How are we doing?

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Thu Jun 1 05:17:55 CDT 2006

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>Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 11:45:10 +0200
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>Detlef Riekenberg < at> writes:
>> During the Time, things changed and I get confused more and more times
>> about "special Developers" and "other Developers", as well as "special
>> Patches" and "other Patches". 
>> (It's also Possible, that i did not see the big differences before).
>There's no such thing as special developer vs. other developer, it's
>more like a linear scale based on trust: the more I trust a developer
>the easiest it is for him to get his patches committed. The only way
>to earn trust points is by submitting consistently good patches.
>That doesn't mean you can't get stuff in if you aren't trusted, but it
>means it will require extra scrutiny, which is why it's very important
>at the beginning to send small patches that are easy to review. Once
>you have earned enough trust you can get away with being a bit more
>sloppy (but not too much, or you'll lose trust points again ;-)

It's possible to see on wiki the "trust points" positions  ? :)
And on each WWN, see the variations (seems the famous kde buzz) :)

Anyway, adding an explaining page on wiki for "how to begin as wine developper" may help a lot


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