wine problems on a 64bit system

Pavel Troller patrol at
Thu Jun 1 06:17:56 CDT 2006

Hi Alexandre,
  many thanks that you are also looking at this problem.
> It may be that your kernel doesn't allow writable memory to be made
> executable, in which case we can't do anything about it. Or maybe the
> workaround is simply broken... It may also be possible to make that
> section executable some other way, you'll need to investigate what
> that memory address corresponds to in the app.

Running the app, it shows

tv at co:~/il2sturmovikfb$ wine il2fb.exe
fixme:seh:check_no_exec No-exec fault triggered at 0x6d4d08b0, enabling work-around

Looking at /proc/<pid>/maps, it shows
root at co:/proc/14647# cat maps |grep 6d4d
6d4cf000-6d4d0000 rw-p 6d4cf000 00:00 0
6d4d0000-6d4d1000 rwxp 6d4d0000 00:00 0
6d4d1000-6d4e3000 rw-p 6d4d1000 00:00 0

It looks that this page IS writable as well as executable.
However, there is nothing more about it, no indication of which part of the app
it corresponds to. Just a global data/BSS section ?

BTW the problem happens very early during startup, even before an Xserver is
accessed, so trying it from the text console (without $DISPLAY defined) gives
exactly the same results as from Xterm.

But now I'm unsure, maybe we are on a false track. I just examined +relay
output again and I've found that immediately after the No-exec message the
program seems to continue normally. The problem (exception loop in msvcrt)
occurs many thousands lines later. I'm attaching preceding cca 1500 lines
of the log.
                          With regards, Pavel Troller
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