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Wesley Parish wes.parish at
Thu Jun 1 07:34:23 CDT 2006

Oh, FWLIW, I have suggested to Jason Matusow, the current Microsoft Standards 
maven, that the time has come (portentious voice ;) to submit the MS Win32 
API to the standardization process, since Wine is now in Beta, there are more 
than one OS supporting the Win32 API as the standard API, and besides, 
Microsoft has muddied the waters considerably with its confused defintion of 
Vista vis-a-vis the DotNET project.

Inspired heckling, even if I do say so myself! ;)  FWLIW!  ;)

Wesley Parish

On Tue, 30 May 2006 16:01, Dan Kegel wrote:
> If you look at you'll see a link on the left hand
> side called "1.0 Tasks", which lists the 1.0 bugs being tracked in
> bugzilla. Here's the URL it links to
> I suspect a few of these are stale, and a bunch others are missing,
> but I like the idea of using bugzilla to track our progress to 1.0.
> What other bugs should be fixed before 1.0?  Let's nominate
> a few bugs to add to the 1.0 task list, discuss them a bit, and see
> what Alexandre thinks.
> For instance:
> I'd like one goal of 1.0 to be "make Windows developers take Wine
> seriously." To achieve that, I think 1.0 has to support at least some
> Microsoft development tools well, including their IDEs and debuggers.  It's
> probably unreasonable to require 1.0 to support .NET, so maybe supporting
> the last pre-.NET versions of Visual C++ (6.2?) and Visual Basic (6.0?)
> would be a good goal.  And I don't think it's that unreasonable anymore;
> Wine is pretty close to being able to do that.  What do y'all think?
> - Dan

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