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Detlef Riekenberg at
Thu Jun 1 12:40:08 CDT 2006

Am Donnerstag, den 01.06.2006, 11:45 +0200 schrieb Alexandre Julliard:
> > During the Time, things changed and I get confused more and more times
> > about "special Developers" and "other Developers", as well as "special
> > Patches" and "other Patches". 
> > (It's also Possible, that i did not see the big differences before).
> There's no such thing as special developer vs. other developer, it's
> more like a linear scale based on trust: 

Just a different wording for the same thing. :-)
It's the Only way, how it can work.
Not only here for accepting Patches, but everywhere for everything in
the World.

> the more I trust a developer
> the easiest it is for him to get his patches committed. The only way
> to earn trust points is by submitting consistently good patches.

IMHO, modify trust points according the recent coding Area from a
Developer can improve the quality of the committed Patches a little bit.

To pick up my last Message, Stefan does a great Job for ddraw/dx.
The trust for him is so high, that he was hired by Codeweavers.
The quoted Patch was IMHO an unusual Coding-Area for him, because it was
his first Patch for the regression tests.
Another Example is the Testcase for GetPrinter by Dmitry Timoshkov (14.
April). I'm working on winspool about a Year now and the Patch from
Dmitry was the first one from him in the Area of winspool and
winspool/tests for that time. The first view was enough for me to know,
that this Test will produce a lot of failures and was never tested on
any win9x-system, but is was already in the tree.

I asked Markus for renaming to winesane.ds and to
winegphoto.ds as well as wine-devel, Emmanuel Millard, Robert Reif and
Ken Thomases to use dlls/winmm/winecoreaudio.drv as a starting point for
Both Patches where resend a day after my questions, but without any
changes in this area (Over 100k of code).
During my re-reading of the winecoreaudio-Patch yesterday, I missed the
Part for winecfg/audio.c to extend sAudioDrivers with "coreaudio", but
Robert has already send a message about this topic.

> That doesn't mean you can't get stuff in if you aren't trusted, but it
> means it will require extra scrutiny, which is why it's very important
> at the beginning to send small patches that are easy to review. Once
> you have earned enough trust you can get away with being a bit more
> sloppy (but not too much, or you'll lose trust points again ;-)

Another statement that we can use for the wine-dev-guide. Thanks

By By ...
      ... Detlef

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