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Kai Blin blin at
Thu Jun 1 14:12:57 CDT 2006

* Detlef Riekenberg < at> [01/06/06, 01:15:28]:
> Big Patches went into the tree:
> Juan Lang: crypt32: Implement CryptBinaryToStringA and
> CryptStringToBinaryA.
> When I saw the big Patch, i wanted to ask to split this in seperate
> Patches:
>  1x Header-Changes
>  2x Testcase (2 tested Functions -> 2 Patches)
>  2x Implementation ( 2 Functions)
> However, the Big patch was already in the Tree:
> My only Idea is: "special Patch": SoC

The only connection with SoC this patch has is that it's using the
base64 encoder/decoder I wrote for Summer of Code 2005.

Besides, it took me unitl about november to finally get my SoC patches
with major functionality in, so SoC students certainly don't have any


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