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KGJ WOLFProductions at
Thu Jun 1 14:55:51 CDT 2006


Tony Lambregts wrote:
> In the interm I believe the AppDB has helped a lot. I think that the
> work that we have put into it has paid off fairly well to a point. So
> far we have added:
> - Applications Maintantainers that can modify application entries on
> an App by App basis.
> - Notification emails so that people (Administrators, Maintainers and
> Monitors) kept up to date on changes to applications.
> - Bug links to track bugs affecting an application.
> - Test results to track how well an application runs on a Wine
> version. and help spot regressions
> - Lots of small improvements.
> Lots of thanks to Chris Morgan and Johnathan Ernst and everyone else
> that submited patches to get it to its current state.
> However there are a number of things that are needed still.
> - We need a general search page.
> - It would be nice to have the ability for people to have classes of
> rights so that they can add/change/delete certain fields IE:
> "Application Description" without having to become a maintainer or
> administrator.
> There is a todo list here as well.
> If anyone has experience with PHP or wants to gain some, there is a
> real need for your help.
> - A newsgroup set up that works the same as bugs so that anyone can
> see the notifications generated by the AppDB.
> I asked Jeremy Newman for this before but I don't think that I
> explained the need for it very well. (trying again) 

The AppDB is a great idea, but why is it so poorly integrated in the
main page? The same question goes to the Bugtracker and the Wiki where
the situation is even worse. On most web pages you have a navigation bar
which remains the same as long as you are on the same page. But if you
enter the AppDB or the Bugtracker you have the feeling that you are on
an entirely new page which only have a link back to the main page and a
similar design. If you enter one of the wiki pages the situation is even
worse because it does not even have a link to the main page in the
navigation bar. Is this a design decision or is it just the lack of time
which prevents IMHO proper integration?

Another thing I'd like to be changed is the "Paid Support" Link. Now it
leads you direct to the codeweavers homepage. Well I'd not expect such a
behaviour from a menu link. I would propose it to change it so that it
opens a new window with the codeweavers page (ok I know that some people
don't like that) or to make a new page under "Paid support" which
contains the link to codeweavers (and perhaps others, if existent)

I'm a PHP and C/C++ coder and I thought about working on the todo list
but I don't like the idea of starting to work on something which won't
satisfy me in the end. I don't even care what you think about me or my
ideas. There are other projects which needs to be worked on, too. Don't
get me wrong, wine is a super project and I use it daily to run my
favorite instant messenger, but I think the climate is a bit cold for my
taste. I thought a while whether to send the email here or to /dev/null,
but I thought I should inform you what I don't like ;)

Greetings KGJ

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