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Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Thu Jun 1 16:08:52 CDT 2006

KGJ <WOLFProductions at> wrote:
> The AppDB is a great idea, but why is it so poorly integrated in the
> main page? The same question goes to the Bugtracker and the Wiki where
> the situation is even worse. On most web pages you have a navigation bar
> which remains the same as long as you are on the same page. But if you
> enter the AppDB or the Bugtracker you have the feeling that you are on
> an entirely new page which only have a link back to the main page and a
> similar design. If you enter one of the wiki pages the situation is even
> worse because it does not even have a link to the main page in the
> navigation bar. Is this a design decision or is it just the lack of time
> which prevents IMHO proper integration?

There's so many pages, I think it's utopia to create a common menu for
all of them.

But perhaps the menu could have an integrated navigation bar added.


On the main page:
| WineHQ
|  > Wiki
|  > AppDB
|  > Issue Tracker

After clicking "Wiki":
| WineHQ
|  > Wiki
|    > Categories
|    > All pages
|    > Recent changes

Sort of a menu + navigation bar +

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