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Kai Blin blin at gmx.net
Thu Jun 1 17:39:49 CDT 2006

* Jeremy White <jwhite at codeweavers.com> [01/06/06, 17:05:31]:
> Hi Folks,
> I'd like to pull one thread out of a previous discussion
> and ask for comments on it specifically; I think other issues
> in the thread detracted from what I think is a useful discussion.
> Specifically, should we create a 'wine-macos' mailing list?
> I think the idea would be that it would be a mailing list
> for Mac users and developers to worry about Mac specific issues.
> The benefit is that it would be more inviting to Mac users
> and it would allow Mac folks to hone in on Mac specific topics.

While I don't mind a seperate macos list, I'd prefer to see development
going on on wine-devel.

> The goal is still that Mac Wine developers would come join us
> on wine-devel and #winehackers, so it would likely end up
> primarily as a user forum.  I guess the downside is that it
> could be confusing, and you can argue that we
> haven't created any platform specific lists prior to this.

I would appreciate if we could get this working. I think MacOS
development is interesting, I'd like to see some discussions here.


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