[Darwine] RFC - wine-macos mailing list

Raphael fenix at club-internet.fr
Thu Jun 1 19:37:55 CDT 2006

On Friday 02 June 2006 00:12, Mark F. Murphy wrote:
> At 5:05 PM -0500 6/1/06, Jeremy White wrote:
> >Some Mac folks have told me privately that having a Mac specific mailing
> >list on www.winehq.org would make it more inviting to them.
> >Perhaps that is reason alone to make the change.
> >
> >What do others think?
> +1

+1 too

Anyway i prefer people interested on having wined3d/opengl working over AGL 
(ie porting GLX code) on wine-devel list (or better in wine-d3d list) :)


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