[Darwine] RFC - wine-macos mailing list

Sylvain OBEGI katios at nolabel.net
Thu Jun 1 19:07:54 CDT 2006

Jim White wrote:
> Brian Vincent wrote:
>> I say create wine-macos but remove darwine-devel - keeping it would be
>> too confusing.  User-level stuff can go to wine-macos and devel stuff
>> can go to wine-devel.
> What? And make the millions of PowerPC Mac owners cry?  I don't think
> so.

Come on, millions of PowerPC owners crying over the loss of a dev list 
dealing with something they never had? Get real! Nobody cares!
I've been on this list for 6 months, and I was following the website 
before that. The truth is, I don't think I've ever seen any actual 
improvement specific to PPC. If there is ever a x86->ppc translator 
included in (dar)wine, it will be done once the os x port is fully 
integrated into mainline (so no dev os x-specific list needed anymore) 
by an adventurous, (very) competent developer, so it will probably 
happen off the list anyway, leaving all the darwine-devel traffic for.. 
err, threads about merging lists?
OS X for PPC is a dead-end. It's much cheaper to buy a new x86 machine 
than code what's needed to perhaps get wine to work on it. As I said, 
maybe someone will do it for the technical challenge, but in any case, 
the list won't be of much use.
I personally prefer a separate list because wine-devel is too much 
traffic for me, as a user, but as the os x platform is getting closer to 
the Linux/x86 platform, and as the share of Wine users under OS X will 
rise probably very quickly, it doesn't make sense anymore to have a 
separate list (except maybe for the translator trick, but as there's no 
common effort to that, it's pointless).

> WineHQ has nothing to do with running Darwine (an
> OpenDarwin.org/SourceForge.net project).

Seems more like an ego problem than a technical point.

> If you wanna join darwine-devel and suggest we close it, feel free.
> Jim White

Just my humble opinion anyway, please feel free to disregard it.

Sylvain OBEGI

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