MSI query tests

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Jun 1 22:00:25 CDT 2006

On 6/1/06, EA Durbin <ead1234 at> wrote:
>> 1. The conformance test suite must run on Windows. This is necessary to
>> provide a reasonable way to verify its accuracy. Furthermore the tests must
>> pass successfully on all Windows platforms (tests not relevant to a given
>> platform should be skipped).
> I don't know how I would run this on windows. I edited the wine code itself
> and queried tables in the MSI database to troubleshoot the behavior of the
> installer code. Then i retrieved the pertainent values from the results, as
> in the case of the file table i retrieved the sequence value being returned
> by the query

You'll have to figure out a way to tickle the problem with a plain old Windows
program written in C, I'm afraid.  That's essentially what our
conformance tests are.
You can do it if you put your mind to it, I bet, but along the way
you'll acquire an advanced degree in MSI-ology :-)
- Dan

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