MSI Query tests

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Jun 1 22:19:59 CDT 2006

EA Durbin wrote:

> SELECT * FROM `Media` WHERE `LastSequence` > 1 that it returns the SQL 
> statement correctly.
> Then in orderby.txt i query
> SELECT * FROM `Media` ORDER BY `LastSequence` and it returns the results 
> as expected.
> Then in compoundsql.txt I query SELECT * FROM `Media` WHERE 
> `LastSequence` > 1 ORDER BY `LastSequence`, which is just as the 
> statement appears in InstallFiles().
> In this query it ignores the WHERE CLAUSE and uses what is to the far 
> right , the ORDER BY LastSequence statement, which first grabs the 
> LastSequence of 0.

Thanks for the analysis.

Do you think you could add a test case to dlls/msi/tests/db.c that shows 
the correct behaviour of the above query on Windows for me?  If you can 
do that, I'll have a go at fixing it...


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