Wine VM86 exception handling bug?

Andrey Turkin pancha at
Fri Jun 2 09:45:05 CDT 2006

Dan Kegel wrote:
> Andrey wrote:
>> My opinion is that NtSetContextThread call is wrong; __wine_enter_vm86
>> would restore vm86 registers correctly. I think i know what is the
>> problem; however, I lack experience to fix it myself :)
>> I need help; any hints would be appreciated.
> How about writing a conformance test that demonstrates
> the problem?  That will help focus discussion and energy
> on it, and keep it from coming back.
> Thanks!
> - Dan

I would be happy to do it. Unfortunely, I cannot imagine how to 
implement such test:
1) DOS code needed - it would need binary or some sort of source to be 
compiled prior to test or some temporary file with a binary
2) method to catch failure inside of ntdll
3) maybe something else...
It is just not seems to be possible to do all this inside of some .c file.

Hmm, is there any test for kernel or winedos at all?

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