How are we doing?

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Fri Jun 2 10:06:24 CDT 2006

Mike McCormack wrote:
> Add all the great comments you like, but you still actually have to read
> the code and understand it to figure out how to fix it.

Often the goal is not to fix it, the goal is to understand it in order
to fix something else.

> So, IMO, you're better off striving for the Utopian goal of well
> structured code that trying to make everybody understand what your
> reason or intention was when you were writing the code, as in the end
> you must understand the code and all it's subtleties anyway.

As per above, often you're trying to figure out the big picture, not
fix the particular function you're looking at.

Increasing the speed of that process would be truly great.

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