How are we doing?

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Jun 2 11:24:06 CDT 2006

> grep Bestefich documentation/ChangeLog.ALPHA | wc -l
>      0
> grep Bestefich ChangeLog | wc -l
>      0

And this is exactly the kind of comment and attitude
that pushes people away from being Wine developers.

This was a thread that asked the question:
  What would get more developers interested in Wine?

A number of people said:
  "The code is too hard to read because it's
completely unmovitated and uncommented."

Dismissing their input because they've never contributed
code is exactly the wrong approach; if we're talking
about getting new developers, then their impressions
are particularly valuable.

With that said, and all joking aside, I have never
seen Alexandre reject a patch with comments or strip
a single comment out.

To get material comments in the code would require
the imposition of a kind of standard that is far
beyond anything we could reasonably expect.
Heck, we can't even standardize indenting or do away
with those abominable K&R style brack placements <g>.

I just hope that the bulk of the anti comment pogrom
is mostly posturing and jest (which is what I suspect), and that
folks do try to comment tricky and inobvious bits.



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