Ecco Pro hangs when accessing "2nd level" dialogs

Don Dwiggins don at
Thu Jun 1 23:25:54 CDT 2006

I'm a heavy user of Ecco Pro on Windows, and am trying to port myself as 
completely as possible to Linux (Ubuntu currently).  Wine does a good 
job of supporting most of Ecco's features, but there are a couple of 
places (unfortunately important ones) where it hangs up tight.  I've 
just submitted Bug #5335 about this problem.

I'm a long-time programmer with good (if rusty) knowledge of C/C++ and 
Unix, just getting up to speed on Linux.  I'm at the point where I might 
be willing to tackle this myself, if the learning curve isn't too steep.

I'm posting this to ask for guidance on the best way to proceed.  At 
least, if there's a good way to get more information on the hangup, I'm 
definitely willing to add to the bug report.

Thanks for any good words,

Don Dwiggins
don at
   "The truth will make you free,
    but first it will make you miserable"
                              -- Tom DeMarco

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