How are we doing?

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Fri Jun 2 12:56:15 CDT 2006

> Especially the code that is responded to as , I know it's a mess to
> look at, but I didn't write it.

Can you give us examples?

Mostly Wine attempts to follow how Windows works, so MSDN provides a lot
of the documentation.  This is becoming increasingly true, with kernel32
being implemented on top of ntdll.

There are bits that are hard to understand, certainly, and some areas
could use some comments.  Unfortunately sometimes the lack of comments
demonstrates a lack of understanding, but the code works for someone,
somewhere, so we're mostly afraid to touch it until some brave soul comes

For example, SHFileOperation was a complete mess until James fixed it up.

Another example is user32.  It's impossible to document (in English) what
it's supposed to be doing.  For this, and many other cases, a good
regression test suite is the best documentation:  it tells you what's
expected, so if you go mucking around you have checks against introducing

I know you've been working with msi lately.  The fact that you've figured
out where the problem is indicates to me that it's adequately commented,
even if the learning curve is still a bit steep.

Patches to add API comments for the Wine API guide
( ) are always welcome.  Patches to
document dodgy bits of code may or may not be accepted, but regression
tests to justify dodgy bits of code are happily accepted too.


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