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Juan Lang juan_lang at
Fri Jun 2 13:38:07 CDT 2006

--- EA Durbin <ead1234 at> wrote:
> If I use K & R style, or not enough white space, 
> or don't align things perfectly at work my boss will kindly print off a
> copy of the companies acceptable coding standards policy and bring it
> over.

Ah, so it's the lack of a defined style guideline that's the problem? 
That got me too back in the beginning.

The Official Wine Code Style is something like this:

1. New file:  whatever the author wants
2. Existing file: whatever others did

This takes some getting used to, and since 2. isn't strictly enforced, we
sometimes end up with colliding styles.  Only one time that I remember did
we manage to sneak in a bunch of formatting changes (into shell32, which
was a real mess of conflicting styles.)

I guess that could be documented better, though a quick google turns up
statements to that effect:

It's also in the developer guide, though a bit buried:
The fact that I couldn't find the darn thing quickly is a problem ;)


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