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Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Fri Jun 2 14:25:06 CDT 2006

EA Durbin wrote:
>> K&R style brack placements
> was what i was referring to when I commented about coding style. They
> are an eyesore and make things difficult to read.
Oh, NO NO NO. K&R style IS the one and only true pure C style. As mutch
as GNU did good work for OSS they did very wrong with the GNU coding
standard. Especialy with the placement of the braces. Just read the
Chapter 3 "Placing Braces" from the Linux Kernel CodingStyle. I quote:
"Also, note that this brace-placement also minimizes the number of empty
(or almost empty) lines, without any loss of readability.  Thus, as the
supply of new-lines on your screen is not a renewable resource (think
25-line terminal screens here), you have more empty lines to put
comments on."
^^^ See more place for comments and we all agreed that more comments are


P.S.: Let the flame war begin. ;)

>> A number of people said:
>>   "The code is too hard to read because it's
>> completely unmovitated and uncommented."

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