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Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Fri Jun 2 14:27:53 CDT 2006

On Tue, May 30, 2006 at 05:32:26PM -0700, Dan Kegel wrote:
> On 5/30/06, Scott Ritchie <scott at> wrote:
> > > It might be, but the heavy hitters I know of who have taken a look at
> > > it in detail have concluded that an X change really is needed.]
> >
> > Is this really a problem?  Another version of X is due out in about 4
> > months (probably the earliest we could possibly see Wine 1.0), so why
> > can't we just help write an X extension to tackle the bug?
> Not really a problem.  It'll just take some time to trickle out to the world.
> We may also have to get Nvidia and ATI on board so they can implement
> the extension in their drivers.

And for it to be taken, I guess we would need to not only write the
extension, but a 'reference implementation' (I would guess in DRI / Mesa)
and get it approved by the FD.o people.

But ohsix's idea to use 'real' X windows 'overlaid' over the single Wine X
window would be the easiest idea to investigate (because it would not only
fixes this issue but also the mutiple windows with multiple pixel formats
problem that the former 'extension' solution does not).

         Lionel (in 'not even time to read wine-devel' mode :-) )

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