My 1.0 wish list

EA Durbin ead1234 at
Sat Jun 3 00:12:32 CDT 2006

I can help debug some of these, and maybe contribute to the code/test cases. 
I haven't coded much in C in the last few years, I took some in college, but 
I've never used it yet in my career path, but I'm working on refreshing my 
memory, and working on trying to understand the most commonly used functions 
called in wine.

>From: "Dan Kegel" <dank at>
>To: wine-devel <wine-devel at>
>Subject: My 1.0 wish list
>Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 21:55:43 -0700
>... is now at
>I'm willing to focus some effort on these tasks, too,
>so it's not just pie-in-the-sky wishing.

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