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Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sat Jun 3 00:44:02 CDT 2006

"Jeremy White" <jwhite at> wrote:

>> grep Bestefich documentation/ChangeLog.ALPHA | wc -l
>>      0
>> grep Bestefich ChangeLog | wc -l
>>      0
> And this is exactly the kind of comment and attitude
> that pushes people away from being Wine developers.
> This was a thread that asked the question:
>  What would get more developers interested in Wine?
> A number of people said:
>  "The code is too hard to read because it's
> completely unmovitated and uncommented."
> Dismissing their input because they've never contributed
> code is exactly the wrong approach; if we're talking
> about getting new developers, then their impressions
> are particularly valuable.

I'd suggest to return and carefully reread the whole paragraph I've
quoted and replied to. It has nothing to do with a constructive talk
about commenting the code, instead it's full of insults and hits. I'm
not even talking about using the word "foreigners" for the contributors
to the open source international project. I'd call the foreigners that
kind of people who sends messages like the one I replied to, clearly
that people absolutely don't understand what they are talking about.

I apologize for my harsh wording, but I just can't stay aside when I see
accusations like that one. When people are interested to contribute code
they ask *technical* questions.


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