How are we doing?

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Sat Jun 3 01:29:36 CDT 2006

Friday, June 2, 2006, 6:27:18 AM, EA Durbin wrote:
>>There is precious little "Why" in the comments of a lot of projects - Why 
>>does this function exist, why would I call it, why does it return what it 
>>does, etc.
>>BS comments like those within the function don't help, obviously - but 
>>sometimes a comment block describing WHY a given chunk of code does what it 
>>does would be nice.
I don't see any problems here. If anyone needs to know _why_ some function does
X - they should look on msdn. Also it would really help look at the patch itself
that _does_ explain what the patch is for. And might even link to the bug #.

BTW Alexandre, can we preserve references to bug numbers in patch comments?
That would be an ultimate explanation to what most questionable code does.

> Exactly my point.

> As in the case of wine, you must try to figure out what a block of code 
> does, then that block of code calls existing wine functions that you've 
> never seen before in your life. So then you have to trace that back to find 
> out what the already implemented function does, and look through the code to 
> it, because there is no documentation for it either, then it calls another
> function, so go ahead and trace back through the code for it too to find out 
And how that would be different from reading comments to each function?
Or do you expect to have description of what each function with variation of the
any other function can do?


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