How are we doing?

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Sat Jun 3 01:56:16 CDT 2006

Friday, June 2, 2006, 12:20:58 PM, EA Durbin wrote:
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>>Subject: Re: How are we doing?
>>Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 10:56:15 -0700 (PDT)
>> > Especially the code that is responded to as , I know it's a mess to
>> > look at, but I didn't write it.
>>Can you give us examples?
>>Mostly Wine attempts to follow how Windows works, so MSDN provides a lot
>>of the documentation.  This is becoming increasingly true, with kernel32
>>being implemented on top of ntdll.
>>There are bits that are hard to understand, certainly, and some areas
>>could use some comments.  Unfortunately sometimes the lack of comments
>>demonstrates a lack of understanding, but the code works for someone,
>>somewhere, so we're mostly afraid to touch it until some brave soul comes
>>For example, SHFileOperation was a complete mess until James fixed it up.
>>Another example is user32.  It's impossible to document (in English) what
>>it's supposed to be doing.  For this, and many other cases, a good
>>regression test suite is the best documentation:  it tells you what's
>>expected, so if you go mucking around you have checks against introducing
>>I know you've been working with msi lately.  The fact that you've figured
>>out where the problem is indicates to me that it's adequately commented,
>>even if the learning curve is still a bit steep.
>>Patches to add API comments for the Wine API guide
>>( ) are always welcome.  Patches to
>>document dodgy bits of code may or may not be accepted, but regression
>>tests to justify dodgy bits of code are happily accepted too.
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> I'm just nitpicky I guess. If I use K & R style, or not enough white space,
> or don't align things perfectly at work my boss will kindly print off a copy 
> of the companies acceptable coding standards policy and bring it over. I 
> guess I'm just used to having things that way, and the shifting coding style 
> and lack of comments in places in wine makes the learning curve steeper than 
> it needs to be for beginning wine developers.

> Just my 2 cents as a beginning wine developer.

Oh yeah I see your pain right here... Even hard to respond in the well accepted
format, not in a business ignorant style - "My comments more important so I'll
put then on top."


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