To K&R or not

Peter Beutner p.beutner at
Sat Jun 3 06:17:40 CDT 2006

James Hawkins schrieb:
> On 6/2/06, Aneurin Price <wine at> wrote:
>> How about setting a standard that will be used in the repository, and
>> providing the indent commands to set it that way, then indenting *every
>> file* in the repository to that standard. Then every developer can use
>> indent or whatever equivalent they prefer when they checkout, if they
>> don't like the chosen style.
> Our coding standard is that there shall be no coding standard.  As was
> stated before, whoever creates the file, their style is the style that
> should be used when anyone makes changes to that file.
The question is in how far that really works in reality. Even when leaving
such (imho) minor things like K&R or not, spaces after if or not,etc aside.
Just look at the tabs vs. space issue:
I don't really have a problem with both of them but mixing them is imo the
worst thing that could happen.

And things like this:
(tabs = underscore, space = dots)

...if() {
______int foo;
______if() {
(and yes you really find things like this)

are just UGLY and if you don't have the exact same tabsize settings like the author
you get complete "garbage".

Granted, I probably haven't even seen the majority of the source code and maybe I just found
one of the few negative examples, but imho some kind of consensus here would be
definitly a good thing.

4-space indention and using spaces instead of tabs already seems to be most used
setting, so why not enforce it for everybody?

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