[Darwine] Quartz driver

anarkhos at vfemail.net anarkhos at vfemail.net
Fri Jun 2 20:18:30 CDT 2006

At 10:48 PM +0200 5/31/06, Emmanuel Maillard wrote:
>Hi all,
>Quartz driver is up to date on Darwine CVS.

Ah, so you managed to get bitmaps working. I attempted it, but was getting confused with the undocumented setbitmap behavior in WINE (the bitmaps were being loaded correctly, but weren't being copied to the frame buffer).

>Winemine is playable on both PPC and x86 but it look fine only  on PPC, x86 driver suffer strange rendering bugs.

I had weird rendering bugs related to endian issues--displaying little endian bitmaps on my PPC mac. I didn't pursue it further because I assumed it would be cleared up when running on x86.

>See wiki for building the driver : http://wiki.opendarwin.org/index.php/Darwine:quartzdrv
>I will update wiki soon with issues and todo for Quartz driver.

I'll check this out later hopefully.

Do the Win32 title bar buttons respond? IIRC there is a callback function which could easily trigger the analogous OS X events (well, at least minimize).

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