How are we doing?

Mike Hearn mike at
Sat Jun 3 12:43:28 CDT 2006

On Fri, 02 Jun 2006 12:33:03 +0100, Robert Shearman wrote:
> The lack of comments in your email is more horrifying.

Haha :)

Maybe we should have a new janitorial task "comment code", or maybe
Alexandre should reject patches that don't have enough comments?

The problem I think is that because MSDN basically describes what the code
is meant to do, developers familiar with that area end up perceiving it
all as "obvious". I know this was an issue with the old DCOM code, and it
took a long time before I really understood what it was doing. I think the
new code is a lot better commented which is nice. Plus we have in depth
explanations of DCOM in the developer guide now.

The other issue is that Wine is an extremely opaque codebase *unless* you
know operating system design inside out, in which case it's often self
explanatory. Most people don't, and this surfaces as "I wish it had more
comments". Well, yeah ....

thanks -mike

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