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>Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 09:49:47 +0200
>On Sunday 04 June 2006 09:08, EA Durbin wrote:
> > I wrote a quick test in wine/dlls/msi/tests/db.c to add a 2nd row to the
>Could you share it?
> > database that was being created, then I inserted the `id` of 8 into it 
> > then I ran the query SELECT * FROM phone where `id` > 6, and it returned
> > the correct results with `id` of 8. But in the actual wine installer 
>code a
>Is the table in db.c comparable? Does it have the same fields and types?
>Also, you're using > in your select but the failing select statement has >=
>which may make a difference.
>  -Hans

It shouldnt matter whether its >= or >, they both return the wrong results 
in the actual msi installer and the right results in db.c.

I have enclosed my tests, I tested these against the America's Army database 
installer and I have double checked the actual contents of the msi file in 

I've packaged up some tests and included them with this email.

Here are some queries that have returned the wrong results

SELECT * FROM `Media` WHERE `LastSequence` > 15
SELECT * FROM `File` WHERE `Sequence` > 10

SELECT * FROM `Media` WHERE `LastSequence` >= 15
SELECT * FROM `File` WHERE `Sequence` >= 10

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