Prospects of an OpenAL audio driver...

Nick Burns adger44 at
Sun Jun 4 15:11:25 CDT 2006

OpenAL 1.1 supports recording... (1.0 does not have recording so that is a 
problem yes)
-- My driver handles this atm -- it checks for recording capabilities and 
supports accordingly

The OpenAL api is rather simple
- For playback : you make buffers and queue them then poll them (to find out 
when they are done)
                            There are some extensions that cut out 
copies/support eax/... (I have not looked at em yet)
           (support 2d and 3d audio)
- For recording (1.1 only) : start capturing -- poll (get data -- if there) 
-- stop recording

The dsound mapping stuff I want to understand better (are there any docs for 
I am sure we can layer it on OpenAL (hopefully good)

PortAudio looks like a good choice as well -- afaict -- but I dont have any 
exp with it (not that I had any openal exp when i started that driver hehe)

Should I just submit my driver to wine-devel and see what people think?
It does work for wavein/waveout (still trying to flesh out a few issues)

- Nick

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