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Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Mon Jun 5 08:21:08 CDT 2006

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> I'd suggest to return and carefully reread the whole paragraph I've
> quoted and replied to. It has nothing to do with a constructive talk
> about commenting the code, instead it's full of insults and hits.

It has everything to do with a constructive talk about comments.

I strongly disagreed with Mike at the time, and I told him so.  It
never induces a nice and fuzzy feeling to be told by someone else that
they think you're very wrong, but I was in no way imposing insults or

If I wanted to insult someone, I'd say:
"Dmitry, go see the doctor about that layer of dirt you have between
your eyes and your brain that is grossly obscuring your view on
anything I say."

Honestly, I think that you just don't like me and that's why you
comprehend everything I write in an extremely prejudicious, negative

That's fine, you do that.  But reading people's attitude from a simple
email is tough to get right (as you've clearly shown).  Therefore it
would make me very happy if you could keep your very wrong conception
of my attitude and person to yourself.  Thank you.

> I'm not even talking about using the word "foreigners" for the
> contributors to the open source international project.

Apologies if that was insulting, perhaps I was too short on words.
I meant "speakers of english where that language is not their first
language / mother's tongue", not necessarily foreigners in relation to
whatever country it was that you thought I meant.

I'm not even sure what you're accusing me of (racism?), but I hope
that was better?

> I'd call the foreigners that kind of people who sends messages like the one
> I replied to, clearly that people absolutely don't understand what they are
> talking about.

Don't make such accusations without backing it up with some proof.
You might have a point, who knows, but if you just shout out rants
like the above, you're going to present yourself as just being full of

> I apologize for my harsh wording, but I just can't stay aside when I see
> accusations like that one.

I think you're the one who's full of accusations.

> When people are interested to contribute
> code they ask *technical* questions.

What exactly is that supposed to mean?

Jeremy White wrote:
> Fair enough; I did reread that paragraph,
> and I can see a case for you being offended.

I still don't see it, so if anyone could enlighten me, that would be nice.

Just making guesses, is it this?:
|  You may need to perfect the english phrasing from
|  some of the foreigners around here once they learn
|  to actually write the comments, but that's a minor nit.

That could be interpreted as "only native english speakers know how to
write good comments".  I didn't think about it that way, because
that's so utterly absurd that it would never occur to me.  Obviously
(to me), _that_ wasn't what I meant.  What I meant by "they" was

Apologies for the unthoughtful wording above, if that indeed was your
problem (Dmitry).

> I don't think it was meant that way; I think it was more
> of a canonical rant, but it was nevertheless a poor
> choice of words.

Perhaps it was too canonical.  I felt that Mike's upfront and total
dismissal of the request for useful comments with a simple joke was
uncalled for.  Sorry about that.

> But I don't know Molle, and I do know you, so I
> feel more comfortable yelling at you.  Sorry :-/.

Don't be sorry, you were just being fair - Dmitry is the one who's
ranting and accusing here.

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