Feedback requested on an OpenAL audio driver patch

Nick Burns adger44 at
Mon Jun 5 00:42:00 CDT 2006

I finally figured out my dsound HEL problem (was making too many buffers) -- 
now I wait and only use a few buffers.

It seemed to work well for GTA3, Tribes2 and FlatOut(requires a binary patch 
to run) (dsound) -- and for SndRec32 (win/wout)
(Games and ...App... tested under Mac OSX x86 -- Mac Book Pro)

Remove the disable 'OPENAL_DISABLE_IN' to test wavein. (Forced off due to 
some issues of my OpenAL framework (I could only record at 44k -- could not 
figure out how to force 44k only for wavein) -- others may have better luck)

So here is my patch --
It adds it to winecfg, the,
And it adds the new files (the actual driver why not)

I would like any feedback ppl out there may have.
(It is missing a ChangeLog thingy -- that would look like the below)
2006-06-04 Nick Burns <adger44 at>

	Added checks for OpenAL (Mac OSX and linux).

	* dlls/
	Added OpenAL to build thingy.

	* include/
	Added OpenAL to config -- using autoheader (may not be needed).

	* programs/winecfg/audio.c:
	Added OpenAL to winecfg for choosing.

	* dlls/winmm/wineopenal/openal.c, dlls/winmm/wineopenal/openal.h,
	  dlls/winmm/wineopenal/audio.c, dlls/winmm/wineopenal/wineopenal.drv.spec,
	Initial checkin of OpenAL driver.
- Nick

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